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We challenge you to find a country that packs more untouched, dramatic and diverse scenery into a small space than New Zealand. The light here is different somehow, making the fiords, glaciers, rainforest, volcanoes, beech forests and rugged coastlines crisper, brighter and a bit more intense than you'd ever expect.

You'll find yourself surrounded by some of the best scenery on the planet with few signs of civilisation and no one else around. As an independent nation that lies across the Tasman Sea from Australia, New Zealand is home to only four and a half million people. About a third of them reside in Auckland city and the rest are spread out around two main islands, which together are about half the size of California, leaving vast tracts nearly uninhabited. It's no wonder a lot of visitors find it hard to leave!

Kiwis are warm, resourceful and as friendly as they come. They'll charm you with their accent, wave as you pass by on a country road and often stop for a chat. With no snakes, land predators like big cats or bears, or any other nasty critters to bite you on the trail, New Zealand is a haven for hikers. We have, however, got plenty of lambs frolicking in the paddocks, Tui birds calling in the forests and fur seals lazing in the sun on the rocky shores.

With a very extensive network of hiking and biking trails and almost 1000 backcountry huts, the options for exploring our wilderness can be overwhelming. Luckily, we've spent years 'tramping' (the Kiwi term for hiking) in the mountains, biking the trails and paddling the calm waters to hand pick the best. Some spots, such as the Milford Track, are deservedly world renowned, while other amazing locations are virtually undiscovered. Off the trail, our towns are charming and unique and since Kiwis love their creature comforts, you'll never be too far from a beautifully made cup of coffee. Sweet as! 

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Thanks for the stories, the laugther and the amazing food

“It is hard to believe that I am back at home doing my "normal" routine when I think that just a few days ago I was still climbing the hills of New Zealand. Our last day was the hardest and yet the most gratifying as we experienced snow, rain, hail and sunshine! We had it all and it was awesome! Our guides, Nicole and Lofty, were absolute gems! Thanks for the stories, the laugther and the amazing food (Nicole is an amazing cook). I will always remember October 31st as being the best day ever! What can I say, turning fifty has never looked better! Riding all day on a decorated bike made me feel pretty special! (Lofty that was the sweetest gesture. Merci beaucoup!)Full of life, passionate about what they do”
– Manitoba, Canada
Weka, November 2012
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